Posted: November 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Everywhere I see the “thinspo” I see posters that have weight loss “inspiration.” Many of the girls in the pictures don’t look inspiring. They are pictured with words about how being skinny will make you perfect, being skinny will make you happy. None of these girls look happy, many of them are ridiculously bony and have scrawled sharpie on their bodies saying “fatty” “Imperfect” “ugly”. These girls aren’t happy.

Skinny is a lie.

The other day I was telling my mom that I really hate these posters on pinterest. She told me to start a new campaign. I hope my campaign will be as influential as the thinspo campaign. I’m calling it #thenewcampaign and we’re going with the catchy line “Skinny is a lie.”

Skinny will not make you happy, it won’t make you beautiful, and it won’t make you perfect. The skinny you see in magazines, on pinterest, advertised is rarely healthy. Skinny, if followed through, gives birth to death. I recently saw a picture of a girl pinned that I had seen before. This time I saw her pinned with the words “inspiration” the last time I saw her picture it was in a story her sister wrote, the girl had recently passed away from starvation with the photo was shot.


The skinny lie will only make you unhappy, feel imperfect, hate yourself. I believed the lie. I was very sick for a long time. I was paranoid about people, about food, about everything. These lies eat you up from the inside. Don’t put faith in SKINNY!


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