Can I Get A Diagnosis?

Posted: December 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Am I anorexic?

If you’re asking yourself this question, and you’re hoping the answer is yes, then you are. Let me explain why:

Anorexia is typically diagnosed under extreme, hospitalization-worthy, circumstances. Before then, it seems like everyone is basically saying “no, you’re not skinny enough… to be anorexic.” I think many people mean this with the best intentions. They don’t want you to have a problem. But being in that place, what we’re hearing is “we’re not thin enough.”

You do not have to be severely underweight or a size zero to have an eating disorder. If your obsession with being thin is changing your eating habits to the point where you are either purging (or have thought about it) or constricting calories to an extreme degree, you are, at the very least, at the beginning stages of Anorexia or Bulimia.

Let me be the first to say, you are THIN ENOUGH to have an eating disorder. There is something in the affirmation that what you’re feeling and dealing with is real.

If you are struggling with body image and the lies that the world is throwing to you about skinny, you are on the very front edge of an eating disorder. And it is okay, to tell someone, and it is GOOD to confess to this struggle.

Regardless of your place in this journey, if you are afraid you have an eating disorder, if someone has told you that you aren’t skinny enough to be struggling with an eating disorder, or if this has been part of your life for many, many years, today can be the day when you recognize that you’re struggling and that it’s okay to struggle, and today can be the day when you get help. You can be affirmed in knowing that the pain you feel is real and so is your struggle. Your pain is recognized as being legitimate. What you feel and what you struggle with is legitimate.

When we acknowledge each other’s feelings, pains, and struggles, we are telling someone that they matter and what they are feeling is real. Things that are real also have real healing and real escape and real freedom.

Your legitimate struggles have legitimate freedom.

Not being skinny enough to have a struggle with an eating disorder is a lie.

Skinny is a lie.

Hope and healing are real.


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